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The Wheel SP is a very nice, simple, and FUNCTIONAL app for OB practitioners. It does what it promises to do, calculates GA based on LMP or EDD, and EDD based on LMP or GA (confirmed by US) and a specified date. The free OBWheel only calculates GA and EDD from LMP; I downloaded both to compare. Excellent alternative to the "more robust" version from eNatal. Thanks folks, I dont need to carry my wheel anymore!

Basic and functional

I like this app. Its not complicated, and works quickly. From a neonatology prospective, I often need to double check gestational age quickly pre-delivery by EDD and/or LMP. This gives me the information I need without looking for an actual wheel or trying to calculate it in my head. Ive had it it a month, used it regularly, and had no problems.

The Definitive Obstetric Wheel in the App Store

With the latest update, this calculator does everything that anyone could expect of a tool designed for obstetric providers including things like arriving at gestational age from various fetal ultrasound measurements. Other gestational age calculators are also apparently designed by engineers for lay people who dont know anything about obstetrics or significant figures (as they show "estimated" fetal weights and such down to the gram - yeah right). You dont need to look any further for a calculator if you take care of pregnant women.

Best pregnancy wheel

I have tried many pregnancy wheel apps and this is by far my favorite. Its easy to use, accurate, allows me to enter dates based LMP, EDD, or US dating. Exactly what I was looking for.

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